Season 2
Cent Proverbs par J. J. Grandville

Introducing "Let's Dance," a captivating series brought to you by Let's Match & CO, the brand of matches that ignites connections and sparks creativity. Get ready to witness a world where extraordinary animals come to life and take center stage in the art of dance. In  this  delightful   series,  humanized  animals   take  on  the dance  floor, showcasing  their impressive moves across various dance styles. From the electrifying energy of rock and roll to the passionate rhythms of flamenco and the dynamic beats of hip hop, each episode unveils a new dance genre that will leave you mesmerized. Let's ignite the spark and embark on this extraordinary adventure together! Dimensions 11x11x6cm including 120 colorful matches.

¨A barking dog does not bite¨

¨Chien qui aboie ne mord pas¨
¨Perro que ladra no muerde¨
¨ Abarking dog does not bite¨

An age-old wisdom cautioning against those who make noise without substance. Like a bark that may startle, but lacks a bite, this proverb reminds us to discern between empty threats and genuine actions. Stay watchful, but also see through the noise to uncover true intentions.

¨One must howl with the wolves¨


¨Il faut hurler avec les loups¨ 
¨Hay que aullar con los lobos¨ 
¨One must howl with the wolves¨

An invitation to immerse oneself in the rhythm of life around, to connect with the wild spirit within. As we echo the calls of the pack, we tap into the ancient energy of nature, reminding us to embrace our instincts and dance with the untamed.

¨What pleases the she-wolf pleases the wolf¨

¨Ce que fait la louve plait au loup¨
¨ Lo que agrada a la loba agrada al lobo¨
¨What pleases the she-wolf pleases the wolf¨

A timeless reminder that understanding and honoring the source brings harmony to the whole. Just as the she wolf's contentment resonates through the pack, let's embrace the wisdom of finding unity by nurturing what brings joy to our core.

¨Wolves do not eat each other¨

¨Les loups ne mangent pas entre eux¨
¨Los lobos no se comen entre sí¨
¨Wolves do not eat each other¨

A profound lesson in unity and loyalty within a pack. As nature's teachers, wolves show us the strength of a bond that transcends self-interest. Let's draw from their example, nurturing connections that go beyond mere survival, fostering a sense of community and support.