Season 4
Let’s Dance!

Introducing "Let's Dance," a captivating series brought to you by Let's Match & CO, the brand of matches that ignites connections and sparks creativity. Get ready to witness a world where extraordinary animals come to life and take center stage in the art of dance. In  this  delightful   series,  humanized  animals   take  on  the dance  floor, showcasing  their impressive moves across various dance styles. From the electrifying energy of rock and roll to the passionate rhythms of flamenco and the dynamic beats of hip hop, each episode unveils a new dance genre that will leave you mesmerized. Let's ignite the spark and embark on this extraordinary adventure together! Dimensions 11x11x6cm including 120 colorful matches.

Roaring Rhythms: Jennifer, the hit mouse, nibbles on Leonardo’s heart. Poor him!

¨Do you come often to Studio 54?¨ ¨No, the doorman doesn't let in cats¨ ¨Thanks god, you’re with a top mouse tonight!¨

In the vibrant world of "Let's Dance," Jennifer, the spirited mouse, and Leonardo, the suave cat, took center stage on the dance floor. Together, they waltzed to the be bop rhythms, breaking barriers and prejudices with their seamless chemistry. Their dance became a symbol of unity, inspiring everyone to celebrate differences and embrace the magic of music and dance.
In this enchanting series, extraordinary animals came to life, igniting connections and sparking creativity in a world where everyone could dance freely, no matter who they were or where they came from.

Flamenco Frenzy: Where Lions and Giraffes Dance!

¨Tu bailas flamenco?

¨El flamenco no se baila, el flamenco se tiene y se siente!¨

In the enchanting world of "Let's Dance," Antonio, the iconic Spanish actor, and Sara, the mesmerizing flamenco dancer, brought the passion of flamenco to life in Seville's tablao setting. With sizzling elegance, fiery talent, and captivating flair, they waltzed together, celebrating the art form's rich history and profound emotional expression. Their dance became a mesmerizing fusion of unity and connection, inspiring everyone to embrace their essence, passion, talent and uniqueness of every soul, and express it fearlessly. In this extraordinary design, Antonio they showcased the true essence of flamenco, where extraordinary artists come together, creating connections that transcends boundaries and captivates hearts.

Big E: a one elephant-show, just for you.

¨Am Dr. Big E and I only wear big E jeans am a gangsta elephant be carefull my trunk is loaded¨

Meet "Big E: The Breakdancing Maestro" from Let's Match Matchless Matchmakers' "Let's Dance" series. This extraordinary elephant rocks vintage BIG E jeans and breaks it down to hip hop beats. With a boombox blaring and graffiti-covered streets as his stage, Big E's moves are legendary. He declares, "Am Dr Big E, gangsta Elephant, trunk loaded." Watch him groove and unite the streets with his electrifying dance, proving that style and rhythm know no bounds. Get ready to be wowed by Big E's unique flair and unstoppable spirit!