Season 5 
Let’s Play!

Welcome to the thrilling third season of "Let's Play." Following the success of "Let's Dance," Jennifer, Leonardo and co step into the world of sports, from intense tennis matches to exciting kite surfing and strategic chess games. As rivalry transforms into camaraderie, this season becomes a celebration of shared experiences and the magic of meaningful journeys that arise from unexpected encounters. Get ready to be challenged and captivated once again!
Dimensions 11x11x6cm including 120 colorful matches.

Leonardo takes a smash from Jennifer that goes straight to the heart: 40 - LOVE

¨After her memorable smash in the third set, Jennifer, the Roland Garros Mouse will lead against Leonardo, the Wimbeldon Cat, 40 - LOVE: Match?

In "Let's play " the focus shifts to the world of sports. Meet Jennifer, a talented mouse known for her tennis prowess, and Leonardo, a skilled cat with a passion for the game. The story revolves around a pivotal match where Jennifer, after an unforgettable smash in the third set, gains the upper hand against Leonardo. With the score at 40 - LOVE, the tension on the court mirrors the growing connection between them. As they battle it out, their shared love for the sport evolves into something deeper, leaving both players wondering if this match is about more than just tennis.

Riding the waves of adventure with Josephine La Dauhine

¨If everybody had an ocean then everybody’d be a dolphin like Josephine! Everybody would be kitesurfing!¨

Meet Josephine La Dauphine, a fearless kite surfer who embodies adventure and positivity. Her dynamic moves on the waves reflect her creative soul, inspiring camaraderie among fellow surfers. Through her journey, she has learned valuable life lessons, including resilience in overcoming challenges, effective risk management, and the importance of trust and clear communication. Josephine's adaptability in changing conditions on the water translates into her ability to navigate life's unexpected twists. With an infectious laugh, she empowers others to embrace challenges and nurture a deep connection to nature. Her commitment to the environment, inspired by her kite surfing experiences, is a reminder to live boldly and cherish the world around us. Josephine's presence leaves a lasting impression, reminding us that life is an adventure worth embracing to the fullest.