Season 6

"Harmony" is your gateway to achieving equilibrium in every facet of life. In this immersive journey, we delve into practices that harmonize your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being, guiding you towards a state of blissful balance. Cultivate mindfulness as you explore the depths of your consciousness, finding solace in the stillness of the mind. Embrace the mystical and spiritual realms, where ancient wisdom meets modern understanding. Let the mysteries of the universe unfold as you embark on a spiritual journey like no other.

Dimensions 11x11x6cm including 60 coloful matches and Palo Santo.

The Shepherd

¨The way to the light¨

Meet "The Shepherd," a shepherd with a sheep's head, dressed in sustainable wool, strolling alongside his faithful dog, "Santo," who carries a sacred Palo Santo stick in his mouth. Together, they embark on a journey to cleanse energies and leave the past behind, all in the pursuit of embracing the radiant beauty of the present and securing a brilliant future. Their path winds through mystical mountains, transitioning from shadow to light. As they walk, they symbolize the transformative power of harmony, where mindfulness, sustainable practices, and spiritual connections lead the way. Join us on a journey through the "Harmony Season," where balance, consciousness, and holistic wellness are the guiding stars.

*Includes 90 coloful matches and Palo Santo

Le Bear Noël

¨Match all your sparkling wishes and follow the light¨

Le Bear Noël is the enchanting new Santa of our dreams. With a sack full of Let's Match and Co matchboxes, he brings you the promise of lucky charms that, when ignited, will light up each of your sparkling wishes to come true.
Amidst the serene snowy mountains, Le Bear Noel encounters the wise Shepard and his dog Palo Santo. Their presence serves as a gentle reminder for us all to follow the path of light throughout the year.
This holiday season, let Le Bear Noel guide you towards a year filled with warmth, joy, and the illumination of your heart's desires.